Hello people!

Hi guys it’s 10AM and I’m still stuck here in my bed. Sarap matulog grabe! This is one of may bisyo ang matulog ng more than 8 hours. I’ll go to the gym later and then go to work for awhile. 😄

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5 Responses to Hello people!

  1. Nahji says:

    Hi! Last week I tried to donate blood in the hospital, then after a week the hospital staff called me that the Doctor need to talk to me. When I came to the hospital the doctor said that I was infected with HIV according to their 1st screening and they have to send it to the other testing facility for more accurate result. Does the 1st screening already proves that I was already infected or there are times that the 1st screening failed? I’m really really dont know what to do and what to think. I need someone to talk to about this.

  2. jc says:

    hi i’m jc how are you doing now…still kicking?

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